About Me


I am Grace!

I have tremendous care for adults who have suffered abuse as children. A book once said, “People who have suffered sexual trauma specifically will never quite see the world the way it was meant to be. Their eyes are forever stained on this side of earth.” It is my hope that the book and thus the man who wrote it was wrong. As those I care for have suffered so have I. It is a joy when myself and others shake the statistics. Books, people, statistics; they don’t get the last word.


I received my B.A. in Philosophy from UNC-W with a minor in Psychology. I also studied at Broadway Dance Center for a few years in NYC (I love to dance). I spent last summer working at a camp in Maine. I climbed mountains with children. I sang songs with children. I contemplated the importance of being a person of my word with these children. A value I thought I had lost.


I have currently found myself living in North Dakota. North da what is the normal response from my North Carolinian friends on my whereabouts. North da why is the response from my New York friends. But dancers and artists live everywhere my friends.  This year is an adventure in North Dakota. More than one quite possibly. So far I have stepped on a snake, looked at bison, and enjoyed the honeymoon phase of quiet snowfalls. Life is wherever you are.

Blessings and honor to you,


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