I’m Moving Again

“Let your heart be silently drawn to the pull of what you really love.” I love that quote.

I went on a whim to work at a camp this summer.

Its in Maine.



I have been up here for nearly nine weeks. A lot of seemingly small surprises found me here:


Portland, Maine

  • I got to know so many wonderful kids. 
  • I realized I wanted to pursue acting seriously.
  • I fell back in love with dance. 
  • I longed for New York City again. 
  • I went back. I was in love but not the infatuated kind. 

In about a week from now, I will not only leave Maine, I will turn around and move away!

Goodbye again sweet North Carolina. Hello, North Dakota. You read me right, North Dakota. Don’t worry I’m not moving for a boy or anything. Its for a job. So up and off we go again.

I will so miss the beautiful dancers who kept me going last year. One of my students would constantly leave me notes, “Thanks for helping me in class Grace.” She didn’t know how much they meant. The hard work of those girls gave me just enough spunk to keep pushing. Thank you.

The hardest goodbye will be to my sweet nieces. I look back on all that they gave me last year. They truly helped to heal my heart.

“Grace pick me up!”

“Aww no fair I want to go to New York.”


“I love you Grace.” 

“Grace my heart feels sad.” 


I knew I would get so many beautiful things from my year back in North Carolina. I got to see my mom more than I have in years. That was worth so much that I mention it often. I got to be with my best friend all year and work in this crazy restaurant with crazier people. Among them was me. The cook would always say, “Dance away Grace, now dance away!”

IMG_7516 (1)

I got the best surprise when I fell in love with my best friend’s son. Sweet Mason. He blushed when he first held my hand. With a laugh deep in his throat and a smirk in his eye he’d say, “Lets go for a walk.” We would turn our heads to the side and say, “new word, lop-sided,” every time we would see a sign that was bent.

Mason: “No you wont touch my feet.”  

Me: “Mason the first thing I’m going to do when I get home is drag you across the floor. Then I’m going to tickle you. I will put my finger next to your ear but not in it. And then after all of that I will eat your stinky feet so don’t even think about washing them for at least a week!!!”

Mason: “EWWWWWWW, You won’t!” (He runs and head butts me right in the stomach.)

Me: Never ever do that to your mom okay, only me!”

(Mason runs and head butts me a second time.)

He’d always laugh.

Life is to be continued….





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