Some Get Love

There was a boy who told me his story. He comes from that life we all hear about. His mom is sick, he wants to help, he wants to pursue himself. He doesn’t know which road to take.

He asked me what the point in living is if he can’t chase his dreams.

I had no words to give to him at first.

Life is not one thing it is many things. A new song in my head goes like:

Some get love others get the leftovers

Me I got crumbs I watched them eat their bread and butter saw them mutter when I stuttered always thinking about themselves

But thinking that their like the ones they see in movies on that netflix shelf, the one that is alone unwanted and taunted

Their twisted in their stories but their story doesn’t let them know

That they are the bad guy in the story

Their brains won’t let them know.

This has nothing to do with that boy who asked me for advice does it. No it does. He inspired this new song. His story moved me. He must decide though or not decide which is still a decision.

He can take the crumbs and worry about others or grab hold of what he deep down knows.

He can choose a life of family only. He can find a way to do both. A support system doesn’t give answers. It gives guidance and respects the choices of others.

I hope he figures it out as we all are.