I went to NYC for a few days. I had a free plane ticket. I had free classes and I had a wonderful friend let me stay at her place.

People look for signs. The only sign you see is the one you want and that sign is largely shaped by your own mental process.

If you see someone that you desire romantically, you look for the signs. If you want to become a doctor, you will see the signs that suggest you should indeed become one. If you want someone to be terrible, you will see the signs.

My phone froze on me yesterday at the airport. It had a heart attack. It is gone forever.

I didn’t back it up. I lost a lot of valuable information on that phone. I lost beautiful songs. I lost writings that I love. Maybe it was a “sign” to use my icloud back-up so I can stop losing valuable information. This is my third phone of lost information in a year. Maybe it was a sign to let go of the past. Perhaps, it was a sign that something was trying to ruin my day.

I could use the experience as a lesson of wisdom but maybe my phone just froze. Maybe there was no sign.

As a deeply spiritual person, I’d like to suggest, don’t follow the signs or at least recognize you saw the sign that you wanted.  Now you know what you want,

And that is always worth celebrating.


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