Sex, it is the drug.  Self-control wants to sleep.  I certainly hope I am not the only one who finds it strange that its casual to jump into bed with a person but don’t expect a relationship!  Jump into bed but don’t expect anything from me.  We can share bodies and intimate moments but no expectations.  I am not ready for a relationship.  I think it is weird.  Your body is your home.  It is your house.  It is where you live for all of your days.  You have preferences over who should come into your living space.  There are people who hate when others wear shoes in their homes. They have a right, it is their house!  We don’t let everyone come over.   It is reserved for friends, family, people of interest.  Not everyone can or should be allowed to come over.  You would let someone come into your body though?

We forget how precious we are.  We forget how utterly precious we are.  We also forget that with sex comes a lot of chemicals.  A lot of chemicals!  Sex creates a family unit.  It creates a bond.  It is supposed too.  It is amazing how the biology of love works.  It is utterly amazing.  As food should not control the body, neither should sex.  I am not saying that it isn’t a need.  I am not saying that it isn’t a desire.  I am saying that sex with the wrong person is the equivalent of doing hard drugs.  You could get addicted.  You could ruin your life.  Your entire life could be ruined from sex with the wrong person.

Self-control takes practice.  It takes practice to say no to a harmful food choice.  It takes practice to say no to harmful people.  It takes practice when there Is desire for the thing that is not best.  You are not an animal.  You are an amazing human being with a spirit.  You are lovely.  You were created to be loved and whoever you decide to have sex with should be worthy of you.  Guard your house.  Guard your heart.  Guard! It takes work to learn how to guard.  It doesn’t mean that the door is never opened but it does mean that the door is not opened until trust is formed.  When is trust formed? Is it marriage? Is it before? I’m asking myself the same question. I know what I have been told.  I know what I have experienced. I am in a new place of singleness so I am wrestling with questions and desires myself. For now, all I know for sure is sex can cause so much pain.

Above all else guard your heart.  Above all else guard your thoughts!  Above all else follow your gut.  You know when someone has nothing to offer you.  Take the time to find out who those people are and then rid yourself of them before you give them keys they will not value!  I believe in you!  You can do it.  GUARD! GUARD! GUARD!

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