I Fly No Wings

If you hurt my soul you gotta go
Wounds from friends they sharpen me
But your words they gave me strings
Strings of thoughts erased my dreams
Stringy thoughts that purpled me
Told me not to walk away
Fight fight fight
Stay stay stay
To leave is to run away
Courage cloaked me in the silence of the wind
Courage coated you called it sin
You called you called it sin
Birds of a feather flock together
I left the V
I dropped
I swooned
Beaten wings
I clipped myself
I injured me

Tangled words make it on your own
Broken world won alone
Clipped myself puppet bird
A tribe rescue
Ointment speech
Spoke to death

Commanded, “LEAVE!!!!”


I could breathe.

Strings of hell
Slashed the Strings slashed the Strings
Erased YOU from my memory
Erased You from my memory
Erased from me

I fly
No wings

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