Universalist Veganist is ist…

It feels natural to eat less meat. California.  The spirit of Veganism is here.  You are looking at a part-time vegan. Me, That’s right, Friday through Wednesday no meat and stuff.

Me: “Hey Sam, ever think about the pus that goes into your cheese? It’s like popping a zit and putting it on top of your food!”

Sam: Yuck!!

(Momentary silence)

Sam: I’m making chicken for dinner!!! 

Thursday.  On Thursday I am a carnivore.  A gross and greasy one. In-N- Out! I also don’t complain when I ask for no cheese on my bean burrito and the cook still puts cheese on my chips. You can call me a universalist vegan.  I accept all!!! I dabble in other religions too (In-N-Out).

Don’t worry. If you are vegan, I realize I am full of it! I am no vegan.  True vegans don’t eat honey or white cane sugar.  I saw a leather purse yesterday.  I wanted it.  At best I am a part-time vegetarian.

As I sit here typing I count down the days until my next cheeseburger.  “Yes, yes, make that a double!

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