Easter Bunny

Friend: You seriously believe that a man came to earth to go die on a cross.  Easter bunny Sunday to me.

Me: I know right.  I know. I don’t know how to articulate it exactly yet.  I am still learning to speak out loud about my thoughts.

Friend: Go!

Me: Well the earth was made in a particular way.  It doesn’t matter what a person believes.  They have certain powers just because they are human beings.  Human beings are made in the image of God. For example: God spoke the earth into existence.  We see proof that doesn’t even need to be given that what is spoken by humans has power.  As God spoke the earth into existence so does man.  He speaks things into existence.  It is the same as the idea of karma.  The world operates eye for an eye apart from Jesus.  This world is built on certain rules and laws and this is considered in all religions.

Friend: Why would God send his son to die on a cross? IT sounds like a really bad movie don’t ya think?

Me: I wish I could explain better.  Have you ever been to a place where there has been a lot of death?  There has been a lot of bloodshed?  There is a heaviness in these places.

Friend: Oh yeah Cambodia was like that.

Me: There is power in blood.  That is seen in many religions too.  This idea of sacrifice.  We can feel the power of blood.  It makes sense to me that it would take the power of blood to heal this world.  It is under the parameters of how this world was made.  It’s the same with free-will.  I don’t think God “can” intervene on some things on this Earth because he made the world in such a way that would limit him.  It doesn’t make him not omnipotent.  He limited himself.

Friend: Easter bunny Grace, Easter bunny

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