Okay I have to say this before I say this.  I love Jesus.  I could tell you stories that would make you scratch your head.  I won’t tell you those though because you won’t believe me.  Besides, the Pharisees saw crazy miracles from Jesus and they still didn’t believe.  Miracles do not constitute a heart that wants to follow Jesus (whatever that means its a journey).  I only bring this up because it’s about to sound like I don’t like Jesus.  That’s not true.  I just have anger problems about particular things such as:

It has always bothered me how we are born sinners in this world.  That whole idea.  We are sinners and we are broken.  We need a savior and if you don’t repent you will spend an eternity in hell.

“Wait a minute!  I did not ask to be born! I did not ask to be created at least not to my memory.  You are telling me that I was created as a sinner by this creator but because of the make-up of this world my only chance of hope is to accept the antidote that is Jesus!?”

Okay, but I don’t like it.  Again, I didn’t ask to be born and if this world is made in a fallen way why am I to blame?  I was an innocent victim! It all goes back to Adam and Eve.  Still, I am to blame?

People say if God created the world he could have changed it and he doesn’t because he believes in free-will.  But I never asked to be here.  Life is a gift.  What if I don’t enjoy presents?  I am not seeing the free-will in that part.

I have always been a bit bitter.  I do believe I need Jesus. I like him.  I need him.  He has seriously gotten me through some deep messes!

Okay the point is, God, I don’t get this whole I need you or I am going to hell when I didn’t ask to be born and I also didn’t ask to be a sinner.  If I am born this way, then you made me this way.  If you made me this way and you don’t like it, then you can change it.  Okay you did you brought in the medicine.  Jesus.  I get that.  I like the medicine but some people don’t want it and still the pill I swallow feels bitter. There is must be more than this.

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