I stayed in an AirBnb over the weekend.  It’s the first time I have been alone in a month.  Tomorrow I will sign a lease!  Hey L.A. hey! I walked around North Hollywood today and yesterday. I prayed with a few friends.  I prayed for a few strangers. I read scripture.  I listened to sermons.  I went to a church.  It was snoozeville! God is not boring in case anyone didn’t know.

In the Bible David fasted and prayed for a child that God told him was going to die.  When the child did die, David washed his face and ate.  He moved on. My mind dwells on that. So simple.

I am going to spend the night with Brandy and Babyface. Snot and tears.  Tomorrow I will wash my face. Goodbye.  Goodbye.  Goodbye.  Another layer shed. Its time to let him go. All of him.  Goodbye.  I am ready.  I was told, “You can’t run from your problems.” I can’t run from them all but I think I managed to escape a few.

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