Think Alone

I sit alone a lot. Alone has a lot of interesting things to say:

Alone: These super well-known people passed away.

Me: Yeah I heard.  What do you think it means? If it had a meaning.

Alone: The time is now.

Me: We all have layers of pain.  Some people are blasted more than others. Its like the difference between dried pottery and dried concrete.  You can break through some pottery but that concrete is going to need a lot of help.

Alone: Can the person or object that you speak of break free from the concrete without help?

Me: The logical answer is no hence why I said concrete would need a lot more help.

Alone:  What makes someone concrete versus say a pot?

Me:  Personality is some of it.  There are those who go through minimal things but believe those things to be the most terrible things that this world could possibly give to them.  They have not a nightmare about pain.  But because their minds can only perceive these incremental things as pain, those non-issues are still very real to them.   That isn’t what makes a person a pot or concrete though is it?  That merely describes the way they see the world.

Alone: What would constitute as minimal things? Who is the judge?  Pain felt is pain felt. You are right, you are describing a state of mind but you are not telling me what makes one person concrete and the other one a pot.

Me:  All I know right now is the pot needs a little push.  Whatever they believe about their pain they can tip over the table and break free.  They can free themselves from the pot.  The concrete not only will need the help of technology and people but afterwards, it isn’t a clean type of freedom.  There will be scarring.  There will be more visible marks left by the concrete.

Alone: How can the survivor of concrete be found and freed when they can’t be seen?

Me: The one who breaks free from concrete would need people to come in who only know the person is behind the concrete because they are out looking for survivors.

Alone:  Why would anyone come free a person they didn’t know? People don’t do that.

Me:  No they don’t.

Alone: (sigh)

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