#L.A. Dream Living

Sam: I wonder how long we can go without a fridge.

Me: It depends on how the other two roommates are. What are those things called, they are square you can hold food in them?

Sam: (laughs) A cooler?

Me: YEAH! One of those we could get a cooler.

Sam: #L.A. Dream Living!

Me: I’d be texting you like, hey don’t forget to get a bag of ice on the way home!  If it were just the two of us we would never buy a fridge!

Sam: Never. What are you doing about a bed?

Me: Air mattress.

Sam: (laughing) Will it fit me?

Me: Sure. (laughing) Its like we’re going camping! A cooler and an air mattress.  No electric but a flashlight.

Sam: I want two bathrooms though!  I’ll pay more for that.

Me: (laughing) Priorities!

Sam: I could post all sorts of stuff on instagram! #L.A. Dream Living!

Me: They won’t know we’re camping!

Sam: Beach season is coming up. #L.A. Dream Living! Am I saving money? Sure am, for all those future parking tickets!




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